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Who is Wixtree Massage Therapy?

Hi, I'm Andrea Wicks-Cherry.  If you say it really fast, it sounds like "Wixtree".  And yes, that was how Wixtree Massage Therapy was born.  It's a rather unremarkable story, but it's the truth!


My small clinic is in one side of the basement of my home.  Don't worry, it's very professional, clean, quaint and quiet!  Take a look at the photo gallery to see some pictures and get acquainted with what your experience might be like. 


Located in Brant County, I live with my partner, two children, and my pack of Bernese Mountain Dogs.   I really love being able to kayak the Grand River, hike and soak in the beauty of the region.  


Throughout my education and with my work experience, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients from athletes (yes that means pregnancy too.  If you gave birth - you are an athlete!) to clients with chronic illnesses. 

It's always great to approach healthcare in a proactive way.  That's why I personally go to massage at least once a month to get ahead of injury.  That isn't always possible for everyone, and that's okay too.  I'm here for you whether you are looking after an injury or thinking about your future health goals.


I was also a trained Doula having attended well over 20 births and have a good understanding of the stresses and challenges, but especially the joys of the pregnancy journey.

My hope is to improve the overall wellbeing of my community through massage. 



This is me, Andrea Wicks-Cherry, RMT

This is my son, Ethan.  

This is Ceilidh (Kaylee) one of our Bernese Mountain Dogs

What to expect at your visit

No Tipping

I don't charge extra for add-ons like essential oils or new modalities or treatments (aside from Hot Stone where there is a lot to clean up afterward). Plus, I don't accept tips! You wouldn't tip your Chiropractor or Physiotherapist would you?  No need to tip here either!

Quaint, Quiet & Professional

My clinic is located in the basement of one side of our house and has been properly insulated.  Sometimes, it's hard to stop the sound of the crickets outside the window though.  The scenery on your way in and out is lovely as my property backs onto the woods.


Do you want to just chill in the peace and quiet and not want to chat?  Perfectly alright with me!  I will let you initiate the conversation, as you please and follow your lead.


I disinfect absolutely everything in between appointments. I follow strict IPAC sanitation protocols under the guidance of the Ministry of Health through PIDAC and PHO.

Empowering You

This is your massage and your time.  We will run through your intake forms together and talk about any and all of your needs.  I always obtain written and verbal consent.  This massage is completely yours and you can always withdraw or alter consent at any time.

Safe Space

I use a wide hydraulic table with large sheets so everyone is comfortable here.  I also provide a body-positive space where you can relax and ignore the outside world.  Leave your insecurities at the door; your comfort is my utmost priority.

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