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Temporo-Mandibular Joint Massage


Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Massage is unique in the practice but quite incredible at providing relief to those suffering with symptoms of TMJ discomfort. 

Do you wear a "night guard" to protect your teeth from grinding?  Are you supposed to but you don't?  Do you every wake up feeling like your jaw is sore or tight, or you have a headache that stems from movements of your jaw?

This could be the treatment for you.  A TMJ massage can be quite effective at managing symptoms of tightness, soreness and headaches caused from clenching our teeth or a change in the way our jaw opens and closes.  

A TMJ massage incorporates both intra and extra-oral massage.  "Inside your mouth?!!," you ask.  That's right.  We use non-latex gloves and a mask and we will actually massage the tissue inside your mouth as well as on and around your face, head and neck when receiving this type of massage.  We don't have to massage inside your mouth to care for the muscles around your jaw however, we have found that is where you will see the most improvement if you're willing to try it.   The intra-oral treatment isn't for everyone and it's certainly not "relaxing".  This is type of massage is given to release the tension in the muscles around the TMJ.   While this is generally not a relaxing massage experience, this can actually be one of the quickest tension relievers in muscles i've seen.  The relief felt after the treatment can be some of the quickest and most effective relief i've seen.  It can also last for days to months if the treatment plan is followed.

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