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Deep Tissue Massage

Shoulder Massage
Balancing Rocks

Deep tissue massage will incorporate techniques that should help to lessen a more chronic pain and soreness within muscle tissue. They are similar techniques to those used in other styles of massage, but the movements will be slower and the pressure will be deeper.

We will single out specific areas of pain and tension, and work locally with and around the tissue.  The deeper pressure helps them release the struggling muscle tissue in the sub-layer of muscles and fascia. (Think of fascia as a net that keeps your muscles together.)

Discomfort can be felt when working with the deeper tissues, but if you’re in actual intense pain, that is not actually helpful and can impede the process of recovery for those sore tissues. There’s no shame in asking your therapist to take it down a notch.

Deep tissue massage is different and yet the same as other popular styles of massage, like Swedish massage because it utilizes similar techniques however In addition to their hands, therapists will likely use their elbows and forearms to increase pressure. They may also hold the intensity for a longer period of time than in a relaxation massage.

Deep tissue massage is mainly used to help people with sports-related injuries and chronic pain. 

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